Our hours are: 

Wednesday thru Friday. 10am – 5PM

(An appointment is suggested as availability may vary if a therapy session is in progress or other issue arises)

Services and Fees

Laurie Stiers Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner; Certified Herbalist

Initial Consultation—————–up to 1 ½ hours——————————-$65.00

Follow-up Visit———————-1 hour——————————————–$45.00

Massage——————————1 hour——————————————–$45.00

Massage packages———5 1 hour massages ———————————$185.00

Far-infrared sauna – up to 1 hour ————————————————-$15

Sauna added to massage ———————————————————–$10

Massage may include personalized handmade herbal oils, hot or cool compresses, other materials and techniques. Sauna

sessions include filtered drinking water and hot or cool teas

2 Week Trial of Personalized Herbal Materials———————————$40.00

Includes research and preparation time

6-8 Week Herb Supply—————————————————————$35-50.00

Your personalized recipes, made on-site; additional materials or commercial products are separately priced

Except in certain cases, I am unable to directly bill insurance companies for services and materials. I will work with you on a discount or payment plan as needed so you can get the ongoing, thorough care and information you deserve.

The ideal visit structure would look like this:

  1. Initial Consultation – receive basic information and assessment; form a basic Care Plan with specific goals and a list of possible ways of achieving them.

  2. 2-3 days later – 2 Week herb pick-up, make follow-up appointment

  3. 2-3 weeks later – Follow-up visit – assess results. This visit usually is mostly about food and nutritional healing information..there is often sipping and munching of healing recipes. Receive 6-8 Week supply within 2-3 days.

  4. Massage or other hands-on therapies after Initial Consultation. Hands-on therapies or simple herb preparations can be done before or independently of Initial Consultation.

  5. Check-up visits as needed with end of each 6-8 Week supply to assess need for changes. Seasonal visits as needed for every change of season. Herb supply pick-ups of ongoing health maintenance materials every 6-8 weeks as needed.

Phone calls with herb questions are welcome. If questions or answers are getting extended or complex you may need a real sit-down visit to address them safely and responsibly. I look forward to working with you on your herbal, nutritional and health needs!