What's New
Spring 2017 at HerbsAllAround

Wonderful things happening!


  • We are growing more "girl medicine" plants at the herbsallaround gardens this year. Important standards of female health such as false unicorn root and black haw may be overharvested and medicinal plants of many kinds are growing less in the wild; their natural habitats are being damaged or destroyed. At our gardens we are adding more medicine plants every year to protect these resources, and also helping others with wild spaces to identify and protect these plants. Pictures soon!


  • Spring Cleanse Packages are a  featured service this year. We provide recipes, herbal materials, personalized consultation and ongoing support for a 1- or 2-week gentle, rejuvenating process. Please call or email us for more details!

Clinical consultations and personalized integrative care have been a big priority in the last year. During consultations, principles of Ayurveda and other traditional health care systems are applied along with the best of modern research and treatments. You finish your initial session with a better understanding and prioritizing of imbalances, and short and long term goals created by you, with help from the practitioner. Nutritional imbalances are also evaluated. Then foods, herbs and supplements as appropriate are formulated from the natural materials in the shop and at the market. We also help you evaluate what natural materials are safe to combine with prescription medications.

Of course all consultations and therapies provided at HerbsAllAround are not a replacement for knowledgeable medical supervision. In fact, as integrative, ecologically oriented providers we encourage everyone to access the standard health care system responsibly. We hope to help support all clients and practitioners to communicate with eachother for the safety and health of all.