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2020 Clinical Herbalism Course Dates
12/18/2019 10:37:39 AM

Hi students and interested folks! Reminding about the dates for the 2020 Clinical/Family Herbalism course:
These are all Saturday intensives from 11 am to 5pm. The first 2 classes are at the home shop/kitchen/apothecary in La Crosse, the remainder are at the Galesville garden house, garden, greenhouse and surrounding wild spaces.

January 28, February 22, March 21 (Equinox party!), April 25, May 30, June 27, July 25, August 22, September 26, and an October graduation show-and-tell/graduation party in October.

Beginning Clinical Herbalism Certification Course 2020
8/23/2019 5:38:34 PM

I am very happy to be offering this foundational training, starting in January of 2020. For 9 months, we will meet one Saturday per month for a 6 hour intensive; usually 11 am to 5pm. Classes are either at the herb shop/clinic/apothecary in La Crosse Wisconsin, or at the herb gardens, cabin and greenhouse in Galesville Wisconsin. We also have additional hikes and field trips as students' interests and abilities suggest. 

The goal of this course is to give you a well-rounded introduction to a variety traditional healing cultures and practices, and then adding in our modern understanding of health and herbs. In modern herbalism, information about the use of plant medicines comes from many cultures over many generations. This course will give you a framework for gathering and using this information in an organized understandable, practical way.

This is a certification course, so it is designed to also meet the American Herbalists' Guild guidelines and suggestions for what foundational herbal learning might contain. Students can use this course to build their own healing businesses or clinical practices, but it is just as useful as a good foundation for care of self and family. You do not need to have a medical background of any kind to take this course. On the other hand, students who have a modern medical background can also take this course and build a thorough and detailed knowledge of herbal therapies, with a framework for knowing how to integrate this knowledge into their healing work.

At the end of this 9 month course, you will have:
  • a naturalists' notebook or journal with plant samples and Plant Data Sheets for 20 plants
  • working knowledge of 50 to 100 plants and their medicines
  • beginning herbal first-aid and home care kit
  • help building your own home and kitchen apothecary
  • a recipe book or box with your favorite healing recipes
  • knowlege about foraging, growing, harvesting and storage of plants
  • knowledge of medicine-making including crafting tinctures, oils, powders, salves and more 
You will learn basic concepts of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as principles of healing from American Indigenous and Eclectic healers. We will discuss botany, ecology, and comparative plant-and-people anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition. All students get the same basics to study, and then I personalize the learning with guidance or special projects to fit each student's background, level of learning and preferred learning styles.

All classes include a lot of yummy food, as using herbs in our daily meals is an ongoing part of the course. Each intensive has a potluck and students come up with the most delicious healing foods! Each student has weekly personal time with the teacher throughout the month between classes. This helps you keep up with the reading or monthly herbal at-home projects. 

During the first "trimester" or Winter months, we will concentrate on the stories and traditions, while learning basic herbal foods and preparations. During the middle Spring and Summer, we will be all about the plants, taking our learning back and forth from outside to kitchen to greenhouse to apothecary and back outside (eating lovely potlucks the whole time). In the final Summer and Fall months we will concentrate on basic history-taking and physical assessment, especially digestive and nutritional assessing. By the end of the course, you will have a simple but thorough framework for holistic assessment of yourself and one other person of your choice. You will be able to help form a plan of care and choose herbs in the best forms and combinations to promote digestive health. And you will be able to make healing meals and samples of your herbal recipes for our final show-and-tell.

The total cost for this course is $850. A $50 registration is required to hold your place in the course, and this is applied to your total cost. Most students make a contract with the instructor for a monthly, bi-monthly or other payment plan. Books and herbal materials are additional costs and usually over the course of 9 months do not total over $100.

I am the primary instructor for this course. If you have any further questions, please contact me at lalastiers@gmail.com, or call 608-780-2255. You can also ask a question on Facebook on my personal page or on the HerbsAllAround page, as well as send a question by Facebook messaging. 

Thank you and wishing you peace!   -laurie at herbs all around

August 2019 Classes
8/2/2019 9:05:00 AM
Thursday Aug. 22: All About Elderberries
By request our August Herb Crafters class will be All About Elderberries! I think we will have a lot this year. We will make syrup, cordial, and talk about different ways to preserve the protective and nurturing goodness of elder. I have been so practical and making things all year; now I feel like giving you some of the deeper information to go along with your creations. Like, what are "immune systems" anyway, and how do our plant medicines help in ways that are different (dare I say...complementary?) than the flu-fighting pharmaceuticals and measures we often use in modern life? Learning about elder is a good end-of-Summer way to start thinking about all this as you feel the later August change of Seasons.

Where: This class will be at the 1729 Kane Street Shop
When: Thursday August 22.
Time: As usual we will have a noon till 2pm session and a 6 to 8pm session.
Cost: $20 Instructor: Laurie
We will have fresh, frozen and dried elderberries and you will take home your own elderberry syrup or related preparation. (I will talk more about other things we will make)

Cost is $20, you do not need to pay in advance but it really helps if you call me to register 608-780-2255, that way I know how much stuff to have on hand.
July 2019 Classes
7/3/2019 4:27:25 PM
July 18 Thursday: Making Soaps

Our upcoming Third Thursday class will be about making soaps and shampoos. We will make a soap from scratch, as well as melt soaps and fold in herbs and essential oils to make a milled soap. We sample lotion bars and shampoo bars, and will even sample some shampoos made from leaves and roots! We will talk kitchen chemistry too. You will have recipes, handouts and soaps to take home and enjoy.
Where: Herbs All Around shop at 1729 Kane Street, La Crosse WI
When: July 18th, Thursday
Cost: $20    Instructor: Laurie
Time: We always have two sessions: noon til 2pm and 6 to 8pm

July 21: Plant Walk at the HerbsAllAround gardens and wildspace

We will be wandering around looking at plants, identifying plants, taking samples, wondering and marvelling and discussing plants, on our first Summer Weed Walk coming up this month.
When:July 21 from noon till 2pm officially, but if folks want to stay around and sip and snack afterwards that would be fun.
Where: at our gardens near Galesville, W21046 Deer Run Lane if you would like to check internet maps. We will have a cool place to hang out in between forays into the gardens and wild spaces nearby.
Instructors: Laurie and Raymond Foltz

Cost: $20 and includes handouts to provide you with guidelines for your further ability to identify, collect and safely use the medicines all around you. We also scored some ring binders at the Habitat Store so you can start your field notebooks. For additional donation as desired, we have small and large sturdy plant presses. 

Register by calling 608-780-2255, emailing lalastiers@gmail.com, or messaging Laurie or HerbsAllAround on Facebook. Please specify which class and which session of Soaps class you would like to attend. Thank you!
June 2019 Classes..Weed Walks!
6/1/2019 10:03:29 AM
 Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate, we will be having plant identifying/foraging/appreciating classes.

June 20 Thursday: Weed Walks at Myrick Park

Neighbors and clients have been asking for a class about plant identifying, collecting, in-the-field learning, processing and how it all fits together in your kitchen pharmacy and pantry. We will learn some basic botany by looking at different plant structures, and learn a set of easy-to-remember guidelines for identifying plants. We will collect some plants and discuss how this is done responsibly and practically. We will look at photographing and drawing plants as well as using on-line and book resources to identify plants. You will have a starter cardboard/wooden plant press and plant preserving tools to take home. Children are welcome as there can be drawing and coloring involved, and young folks are amazing plant identifiers.

Session 1: noon till 2pm (or later if we are wandering around)
Session 2: 6pm till 8pm (or later if we are wandering around)

Where: Meet in main open room at Myrick Park Center, 789 Myrick Park Drive, La Crosse Wisconsin. In case of rain we will have plants inside Myrick Park Center.

Instructors: Laurie Stiers-Foltz and Raymond Foltz
Cost: $20 grownups, $10 kids under 12
Register for class by calling or emailing Laurie at 608-780-2255, lalastiers@gmail.com, or by notifying the herbsallaround Facebook page about your interest in attending.

Upcoming Classes
1/22/2019 9:10:02 AM
20 March 2019        27 March 2019
Using our own tabletop oil press and distiller, we will demonstrate how infused oils, essential oils and hydrosols are made. Students will have their own starter jar of an herbal infused oil to take home.

We will talk about the properties of oils, a little herbal chemistry and a lot of artistry. (It may even help you clarify the differences in hemp and CBD products.)

We are offering two Wednesday dates for this class; and each day has noon till 2pm and 6 to 8pm sessions.

Instructor: Laurie Stiers, Certified Clinical Herbalist, MSN Family Practice, BSc Holistic Nutrition
Cost: $20, please register by calling Laurie at 608-780-2255, email lalastiers@gmail.com, or contact the HerbsAllAround Facebook page. Let us know which session you would like to attend. No pre-payment is required.

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