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 Summer 2014: Everything about staying healthy this season...more new website changes and updates:  Classes are now going on the calendar tab, and more are added as you request them.

Featured Service for Summer...trying something new!  Soothing herbal compresses and gentle massage for "allergy-face" and Summer headaches...cool minty refreshing soaks and gentle therapies for hands that have pulled one too many weeds...and last but not least bubbly herbal soaks for those swampy Summer feet. Call 608-780-2255 for more information and to schedule your own 30 or 60 minute rejuvenating and relaxing time...

Summer Shop Hours:

Laurie is providing coordinated bodywork and herbal therapies at Premier Fitness in downtown LaCrosse on Wednesday afternoons, from 2pm to 7pm. Please see the Links tab for their contact and other information. Thanks Premier Fitness!

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday shop hours 12 noon to 6 pm

Monday through Friday Appointments for personalized therapies and consultations 8am to 6pm

Herbs All Around is your source for reliable, practical information about herbs, nutrition and health care. We provide:
-health consultations and treatments in our home office,
medically supervised
-classes for the general public and for health professionals
-publications and products that promote the safe, cost-
effective use of herbs and nutritional materials

I talk with clients about many health subjects so feel free to contact me with any herb or health questions you may have. Check the website regularly to find out about online discussions and upcoming classes.
We love to hear from you! What products, services or classes would you like to see?

Outline of Services and Fees:  (sliding scale, barter and donated funds available!)
Personal Consultation - Initial Evaluation -- $65.00 (discounts and payment plans available)
Personal Consultation - Follow-up -- $45.00
Initial 2 Week Trial of Materials -- $40.00
6 to 8 Week Supply of Materials -- $35.00-50.00
Massage and other non-invasive therapies -- $45.00 per hour
-provided by licensed practitioners

I see clients for consultation at my home office in beautiful LaCrosse. Please call for info or to make an appointment:
HerbsAllAround store/shop/consult space:  1033 Caledonia Street, LaCrosse Wisconsin 54603

If you would like a more detailed description of services, request an Initial Client Packet by email at lastiers@herbsallaround.com, by postal address or by calling 608-780-2255.