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Background..about Herbs All Around
The Herbs All Around symbol is adapted from a quilt block pattern called "Hands All Around". It symbolizes people working together to make something beautiful and useful out of the materials we have at hand, all around us. We feel this is the way health care should be: mostly made of simple, inexpensive, local materials and treatments..something you can do in your own home with help from knowledgeable neighborhood practitioners..combining talents from many different health professionals to create a health program that is practical and uniquely you.

Herbs All Around is owned by Laurie Stiers, MSN, FNP-BC; BS Holistic Nutrition, Certified Herbalist. I have 30 years experience in critical care, emergency and home health nursing. I have been growing and using herbs and vegetables for craft, cooking and healing recipes since childhood. About 20 years ago people literally started showing up in my house asking for health information and materials, so I began to study what I felt would make a qualified practitioner of what is now called naturopathic and integrative medicine. (The titles overlap and change as the fields of study define themselves.)

In 2006 I completed a Master's Degree in Family Practice Nursing, and have national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Now still chipping away at a Master's Degree in Naturopathy. I have a total of three years of formal schooling in herbal therapeutics, and am completing a 2 year program in Chinese Herbal Therapeutics. I started Herbs All Around officially about 15 years ago and have been growing with my clients and families ever since!
If you have any questions about my background, qualifications, or legal and licensing questions, please e-mail lalastiers@gmail.com, call 608-780-2255 or post a question on the herbsallaround Facebook page.